Coal and Wood

We stock a large range of Coal and Wood

AJ Hardware stock a large variety Coal and Wood including: Household Coal, Homefire, Supertherm, Briquettes, Logs, Kindling. Below we have put together a comprehensive guide to which fuel is best for you, however come in and speak to our friendly staff who will be able to advise you.

House Coal

Suitable for Open Fires

Housecoal – We all love a warm, lively coal fire and now, with the different fuels available, we can all have the fire and the look we want. The traditional housecoal we provide is great quality and its all pre-packed, so it is handy and it is clean. Our traditional housecoal is appropriate for general domestic use with your open fire and your multi-fuel appliance. The housecoals are available in small, medium and large sized coals, providing long flame and consistently high heat source and little ash. Please note that this traditional style coal is not suitable for burning in smoke controlled areas. Please look below for a smokeless fuel alternative.



Suitable for Open Fires – Smokeless

Homefire Smokeless Coal – is one of the leading smokeless fuels available for use with open fires and for multi-fuel stoves. Homefire is widely recognised as the industry leader and is often accredited as the smokeless fuel for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Homefire generates a lot of heat and leaves behind very little ash. It combines all the traditional qualities of a real fire, is slow burning and easy to control. What’s more, it produces a fraction of the smoke and less carbon dioxide than coal, so it is perfect for those in smoke controlled areas. It’s a great fuel to use to gain maximum heat output, it gives longevity of fire life which makes it efficient and cost effective. Furthermore its kind to the environment with 25% lower CO2 emissions than standard housecoal. It also gives a delightful flame picture due to the shape of the product and is also very clean, with little wastage or ash.



Suitable for Open Fires – Smokeless


Good quality and large manufactured briquette. These are long lasting, easily controllable, high heat source. Suitable for burning in a smoke controlled area.







Firewood & Kindling


Quality burning wood chopped and stored in barns for several months as well as put through special drying machine to ensure ready to burn well Excess moisture out for you, which means you only burn the wood and its wood resins i.e. the best bit, which gives you all the heat and means you use less wood.



WOOD Briquettes


Now that stoves are becoming more efficient than ever, multi-fuel and wood-burning fires and appliances are an excellent way to heat your home and yet remain cost efficient. Ecofire offer their quality fuel products to the general public and to trade customers. Ecofire wood briquettes offer clean, renewable fuel at great prices. The high density wood briquettes are simple to ignite and are well packed for your convenience. The wood briquettes are excellent value for money and provide a long burning, high and consistent heat output for closed room heaters or indeed open fires. The high density wood briquettes are an environmentally friendly and cost efficient fuel solution. They are made from diverse sources of renewable raw components. They contain no additives, give no sparks and do not spit. They produce less tar to help keep your chimney clear and clean. The briquettes are clean to handle and easy to store. As with most wood products, please store them somewhere dry. Ecofire Wood briquettes are the choice for your home – creating a safe, cosy and warm fire.



We also stock a large range of other fuels including paraffin instore.