Gas Bottles

Gas Bottles in Luton

Propane and Butane Bottled Gas available in-store today!

Calor Gas Bottles Luton

AJ Hardware is a registered Calor Gas bottle stockist and holds one of the largest ranges of gas bottles in Luton. Find us here.

If you’re not sure of the difference between gas bottles or which gas bottle you should use, then you’ve come to the right place! Our 35 years of supplying gas will help you decide on the right gas bottle for you, as well as the right regulator to fit your equipment. Come instore and speak to our team. Remember – bring any paperwork, pictures and regulators with you!

Our extensive range of gas bottles range from camping, BBQ, heating cooking, forklifts and more! see our range below.

Portable Heater Gas

For portable heaters, we have Butane gas in both 15kg and 7kg bottles.

Portable Gas Bottles Luton

Caravan and Motorhome Gas Bottles

These bottles come in Propane 6kg, 6kg Lite and 19kg bottles.

Caravan Gas Luton

BBQ Gas Bottles

As BBQs come in different shapes and sizes, we stock a range of bottles to fit them all. the most common bottle are the 13kg and 5kg bottles.

BBQ Gas Luton

Patio Heater Gas Bottles

Like BBQ’s, Patio heaters have a range of bottles, with the most common being the 13kg and 5kg bottles or for the larger ones, a 19kg Propane bottle.

Patio Gas Heaters

Other Bottled Gas

We have a large range of other smaller bottles for all purposes such as blow torches, portable BBQ’s and other tools. The most common ones are the 3.9kg Propane, 907 Gaz, and disposable canisters shown below.

DIY Gas Luton

Camping Gas Bottles

Camping Gas Luton

Light Commercial Use Gas Bottles

Light Commercial Gas Luton

Forklift Truck Gas Bottles

forklift Gas Luton